19 Dec

Importance of Copper wires used in Automobiles

Bare copper wires have been in use for the last one hundred and fifty years. The whole idea of industrialization and rapid communication was built around the humble strands of copper wires. Today, with digitalization of the industrial segment, copper wires have not lost their importance at all. From Aerospace industry to underwater missions, every electrical and electro-mechanical circuit uses copper wires. Metallurgical and mechanical advancement has ensured that the effects of harsh climate, corrosive medium and human actions don’t affect the performance of the gadgets fit with copper wires.

18 Feb

The Journey from Ores to Processed Bare Copper wires

Wires are the most basic units of the electrical and electronic world. They are the lifelines of the automated world. From the simplest of gadgets to expensive industrial transformers, wires made of copper guarantee that we are never pushed back to the Dark Ages. The bare copper wires are the romantic elements gracing the machines like poetry. They are used as grounding wires to prevent shocks, and also as transmission wires to pass on important messages through Morse codes. In recent times, the 150 years of consistent performance and sustainability of the bare copper wires have met a strong competition from the fibre optic cables.

12 Jul
Coper Wire

Decoding copper wires and related products

Copper is that metal which is used extensively for the wire-making purpose. Copper wiring has emerged as one of the most cost-effective solution and apt choice for the long distance power transmission projects. Let’s have a glance on those reasons that make a copper metal suitable for the electrical equipments, wiring, underground and overhauled sources, etc: