12 Jul
Coper Wire

Decoding copper wires and related products

Copper is that metal which is used extensively for the wire-making purpose. Copper wiring has emerged as one of the most cost-effective solution and apt choice for the long distance power transmission projects. Let’s have a glance on those reasons that make a copper metal suitable for the electrical equipments, wiring, underground and overhauled sources, etc:

Brilliant conductor of electricity and heat: It is known to all that copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Due to featuring a high melting point, it proves to be ideal metal for wide-ranging use related to the electronic items and electrical conductivity. This metal is least resistant to the flow of electricity and thus, it proves to be suitable for industrial and home-based purposes.

Easy recycling: Copper metal can be recycled with ease. It is possible to obtain insulated copper wires and bare copper wires that have been insulated by any insulating material, PVC coating or tin.

Bare Copper Wire

Commendable strength and durability: For accommodating electric current, copper wires have to be extremely durable. There are various processes that enhance the sturdiness of the copper wires. For an instance, alternate heating and cooling process that enhances the durability and strength of the flat copper wires.
Manufacturing of copper wires

For the process of manufacturing of copper wires, copper metal has to undergo a purification process wherein all the impurities of this metal are removed through the electrolytic and chemical processes. Touching a bare copper wire can be risky and it may also lead to fire accidents due to sparking electric current. This is the main reason that it is used in overhauled and underground sources. PVC insulated copper wire or tinned copper wire is extensively used in home based electrical purposes. If you are curious to know about few popular varieties of the copper wires and related products, here have a glance on them and their uses:

Bare copper wire: Bare copper wire is believed to be made up of that copper which contains 99.9 percent purity. It is the being drawn either into thick wires or into thin wires in accordance to the requirements of the clients. Bare copper wire is widely used in cable industries, underground trains, power transformers, metros and buses and diverse kinds of electrical appliances.

Copper Flat Wires

Copper flat wires: Such kinds of copper wires feature square shape. They are drawn out of rounded wire inlets. Copper flat wires are widely used in multi-slide forming, high speed stamping, transformers windings and diverse kinds of other electrical appliances. These wires are toughened as they undergo the process of heating and cooling on alternative basis. The alternative process related to the heating and cooling provides the required strength and flexibility to such wires.

Copper wire cables: Copper wire cables refer to the assortment that is comprised of different varieties of stranded copper wires. These varieties are considered to be absolutely safe, durable and strong and are used as a base material in the cable industries. These cables may also be utilized for the home-based purposes. Copper wire cables may be either bare or they may be PVC insulated. These copper wire cables are resistant to the corrosion and oil.