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Copper Wire Manufacturing Process

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» Drawing Process :

We take EC Grade Continuous Cast Copper rod of 8 mm dia , for drawing on our wire drawing in to different gauge wires.

» Annealing Process :

After drawing operation the coils of drawn wire are put in Electric Furnace in a pot for getting it annealed soft wire.

» Bunching / Stranding Process :

After the wire is annealed , it is wound on reels and are put for bunching / Stranding on the wire Stranding / bunching machines for getting different size range of bunched /Stranding wires and then passed through nozzling process for better surface of wire.

» Tinning Process : There are two process of Tinning

Hot dip process
In hot dip process the tin is pickled and the wire passes though the pickled tin getting coating on it and wound on reels.

Electroplating process
There is a separate plant for electro-plating process and the plating is done through dipping of wire in chemical bath and passing electric current in it for required coating.

»Braiding :

After annealing process, the wire is wound on reels and put Braiding / Twisting machines for making different sizes of braided wire in accordance with the specifications.

» Process For Tinsel Wire :

Fine gauge copper wire duly wound on reels is put on flattening machine for getting it flattened. After this process the wire is put on Lapping Machine for getting lapping of nylon thread. After this process is complete, the wire is put on Braiding / Twisting Machine for braiding of wire to required size and then the wire is processed for chemical coating on required machine.

» Process of Glass Wire :

Tinned copper wire bunching is done on Bunching Machine and then the wire is put on Lapping Machine for lapping of PP. After this process is over the wire is put on Braiding Machine for braiding of fiber glass coating and hen put on the machine for varnish coating on the wire.

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