What Is Bare Copper Used For?

Apart from silver, it is copper which is known to be the best conductor of electricity. It is used all across the world especially in electrical appliances in the form of bare copper cables.

They are known to have a high heat conductivity and are also corrosion resistant in nature. These can be dangerous as they have the potential ( voltage) and load capability enough that can harm you.

But that would be only possible when there is the presence of electricity. Furthermore, People who need long-lasting wires must know that Bare copper wires are definitely the best option.

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What is bare copper used for?

Bare copper wire, be it alloyed or not is used in a variety of applications. To be precise, some of the uses of such wires include telecom cables, signal cables, electrical transmissions, grounding electrical systems, jumpers, electrical hookups, power cables, and computer cables.

Other than that, they are also used in automotive wiring harnesses and the manufacturing of multi-stranded flexible conductors.

What are the different types of copper wires found?

The most common types of copper wires include bare copper wires and tin copper wires. Bare copper wires are corrosion resistance for which they are most commonly used even in damp environments. When talking about bare coppers specifically, they are of three types.

These include soft drawn bare copper, hard drawn bare copper, and stranded bare copper. All of these three types of bare copper are known to conduct the same amount of electricity.

But when one wants to strengthen the copper’s natural characteristics, they look forward to coating a bare copper wire with tin. This ensures a longer shelf life besides easy connectivity.

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