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Established in Year 1977 & Accredited with the license of ISO 9001:2015 & ROHS Certified

Ganpati Engineering Industries

M/s. Ganpati Engineering Industries established in the year 1977 (having its own land & building of around 5,000 sq.ft.). with its own office having all modern infrastructure.

Our Product range comprises of Bare Bunched Copper Wire, Bare Copper Wire, Any Size Copper Wire, Copper Braided Wire, Tinned Braided Wire, Tinsel Wire, Tinned Wire, Tin Coated Copper Wire, Braided Copper Wire, Glass Wire, CRT Earthing Wire Assembly, Television & Speaker wire, Television Earthing Shield. Braided Copper Wires/tinsel (ATC)/Silver plated, Silver Braided Wire, Silver Tinsel Wire.

We manufacture our products from EC Grade continuous cast copper rod of 8.0 mm. Which is of 99.90 % purity and manufacture the products as per customers specifications and also ISS/BSS standards.

Some Important Types of Copper Wire

Copper comes with high significance in electrical domain. It is difficult to imagine life without copper as it serves as the most essential component in the electrical and electronic domain. Copper is affordable comes with a very high electrical and thermal conductivity which makes it an ideal metal used in wirings and electrical appliances.

Copper also comes with high strength, ease of joining, formability, resistance conductivity as well as corrosion. Owing to all of these properties copper is extensively used in making bare copper wire, tinned wire, tinsel copper wire and copper tin wire. All these products are used in different industries for various purposes.

Here are some important varieties of Copper Wire-

Bare Copper Wire

Bare copper wire has special usages across various domains. It is used widely in overhead transmission as well as distribution. It is also utilized in uninsulated hook up, etc.

Tinned wire or Tin Coated Copper Wire

Tinned wire or tin coated copper wire refers to the copper wire coated by tin. There are two ways you can create tinned copper wire. The first method is called the hot dipping method and the other method is called electroplating. Both the methodologies are utilized to create tinned copper wire that lasts ten times longer as compared to the non-tinned wire.

This type of tin wire is resistant to corrosion and offers high conductivity. Tinned wire is used in various projects where exposure to moisture is involved like overhead power sources.

Tinsel Copper Wire

Tinsel copper wire refers to the electrical wire where utmost flexibility is needed. It can be utilized in telephones cords as well as handset cords. It resists metal fatigue and is very different from the regular wire strands.

Tinsel copper wire can be prepared by enveloping copper foil strands around textile core. The thin foil makes the product extremely bendable.

At Ganpati Engineering we deal with optimum quality bare copper wire, tinned wire, copper wire, Indian aluminium wire, tinsel copper wire products. We emphasize on the use of modern techniques, equipment in the manufacturing process and ensure the production of the most optimal products for our customers.

Finest Quality Copper Wires

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