25 Sep

Top 4 Applications of the modern day Braided Copper Wires

Braided copper wires are used in different segments of the industries. It is a unique kind of the insulated wires that remains a top conductor of electricity. It has a distinct property that distinguishes it from the bare copper wires. The braided copper wires have come a long way since the first set of copper wires were first used in the 18th century in telegraph machines. The use of insulated copper wires have gradually reached a pinnacle Owing to their extraordinary features, the braided copper wires have been given a new lease of life in terms of their look, properties and diameters.

The braided copper wires used in the automotive industries vary from the ones used in the telecom industry. The industrial applications using the copper wires are different from the ones used in domestic appliances. The copper wires and the braided types have made the technology much more progressive and sophisticated.

We tell you some of the most common places where you are likely to find the copper wires.

1   Circuit breakers:

There is absolutely nothing in this world that the copper wires can’t conduct. They are used in buildings and offices where electricity is supplied. Owing to their excellent conductivity, the sensitive copper wires are used in circuit breakers. Use of all-copper appliances has encroached into every corner of the living space. We may survive without the internet network, but living without the copper wires is a hard task to do!

braided copper wire

2   Computer peripherals and mainframes:

While the internet is the leading segment in reaching out to the people across the world, it is the copper wire that makes it possible! Braided and bare copper wires are found extensively in the computer mainframes. The versatile applications of the copper wires in the form of stranded as well as braided coiling ensure that they fit any circuit kit. Size no longer matters. Copper wires can be drawn into smallest of diameters to suit the requirement. The unique ductile wires have made these applications absolutely unmatchable.

3   Automotive engineering:

All those cars vrooming past you on the roads have the dignified copper wire circuits rolling the power. The transmission and the electronic system obtusely use the braided and stranded copper wires. Even the ground system of the cars is made from copper. The braking system with ABS is controlled using the purest of braided copper wires. For the timely indicator signals flashing the manoeuvre, copper wires are used. Even the reclining system used in the seats is controlled using copper wires. As the diameters go thinner, the size of the cars and the circuits used inside them are likely to shrink further!

Braided copper

4   Marine engineering:

Braided copper wires are resistant to corrosion inflicted by grease, high temperature and the salty medium. They are used in the marine units of ships, waterlogged pumps, submerged generators and even submarines. The deeper it gets, the increased pressure affect the properties like electrical conductivity. The braided copper wires ensure that the conductivity remains unaffected.