All You Need to Know About Braided Sleeving

The use of cables and wires is extensive in industries as many industrial applications need braided copper wires to transmit signals and pass the current. It’s relevant to know about braided sleeving. It is a tubular sleeve made from top-grade polyester monofilament materials. It comes to use in safeguarding wire components, cable assemblies, and wire harnesses in different environments.

It’s interesting to know that the cables used in the home entertainment system are the same as used in shielding and metal works. During residential construction, it’s important to make safe use of wire so that there is no mishap. Here, braided sleeves are used to secure your home against electric shocks and any other kinds of damage. If you have pets, braided sleeving is a must as it protects your pets that like to chew things.

Braided sleeves are used to cover or fit over cables and wires. Let’s learn about its characteristics that make it safer and convenient to use.


Wires and cables that are covered with braided sleeves can bend and twist without any damage. It can withstand any pressure during bending and twisting and make it safe to use in electrical components, such as braided copper wire connectors. If we talk about braided tin coated copper wire, you can cover it through braided sleeving easily.

Tensile Strength

Braided sleeving is resistant to scratch and damage. It means that the enclosed copper or other wires will remain safe against sharp edges and corners through the use of braided sleeving. Moreover, there’re fewer or no chances of scuffing or abrasion.

Open Weave Construction

Braided sleeves are open weaved, thus can easily protect all types of cables. Besides, there’s no need for other materials to be filled with it. As discussed earlier, it can withstand pressure and provide safety to different kinds of wires and cables.

It’s interesting to know that braided sleeving can grow up to 150% of its original size if duly set and adjusted in one place. When we talk in terms of expandable braided sleeving, it is designed in such a manner that it can withstand or resist moisture, heat, vibration, and abrasives. Another interesting point to note is that it can retain its form even in extreme low or high temperatures.

Braided sleeving is known for its versatility factor. Using a wraparound sleeve, one can easily wrap a bunch of wires or cables with it. You can find the use of braided sleeving in marine and automobile works and workstation cabling. It is tightly constructed to avoid abrasion in wires, especially if the wires are molded or twisted and are delicate.

Whether your project includes plumbing or electrical work, you must choose expandable braided sleeving to ensure protection and safety to cables and wires. If you’re looking for quality wiring accessories, you’ve come to the right place!

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