08 Nov

Copper wire recycling process: An outline

Copper is one amongst the most important metals, used by us. This metal gains upper hand in context of home wiring purpose. In fact, wires drawn out of this metal are used in wide range of applications right from electronic device to automotives, from motor to scientific instruments, etc. You may have read a lot about properties of this red-orange metal, its uses, its features, etc. However, have you ever wondered about its recycling? Entire recycling process of this metal is quite extremely interesting.

25 Jul

Discover the Early Signs of Faulty Wiring

Homeowners having plus 40 year old home please pay attention! It has been reported that electric wiring in one of the major causes of residential fires. It is therefore essential to maintain the wiring system and get the wiring thoroughly checked by a licensed professional. The problem can be fixed in advance if they are identified earlier. Even those who have home older than 10 years and have upgraded with some new appliances or have added a new room must keep a check as the wirings, circuit breakers and circuit breaker boxes begin to age.

12 Jul
Coper Wire

Decoding copper wires and related products

Copper is that metal which is used extensively for the wire-making purpose. Copper wiring has emerged as one of the most cost-effective solution and apt choice for the long distance power transmission projects. Let’s have a glance on those reasons that make a copper metal suitable for the electrical equipments, wiring, underground and overhauled sources, etc: