Why are copper wires laminated?

Electrical mishaps frequently can lead to death. People are always baffled as to why such accidents occur. But in reality, there could be multiple causes why a short circuit occurs.

Therefore one such among those is said to develop when wires do not have a safe and secure connection. When electrical circuits are improperly constructed, lives are put in jeopardy.

In order to eliminate this problem companies like Ganpati Engineering industries introduced Laminated Flexible Copper Wires. Unlike braided, stranded, or bare copper wires, the laminated ones appear to be a safer option.

Why are copper wires laminated and how are they helpful?

In order to reduce the risk of accidents and bring the safer applications of electrical appliances, copper wires are laminated. These are also known as Submersible Winding Wire or magnet wires that are highly versatile in nature.

Copper having conductive characteristics make it ideal for electrical applications.
The wire is insulated from contact with its own and other wires’ electrical currents present. It is done by wrapping the wires in insulation – typically one to four layers of the polymer film.

This prevents the chances of short circuits. Also extends the longevity, efficiency, and uses of the wire. When you use laminated copper wires, they prevent the wires from oxidizing and ensure a secure connection.

Furthermore, such Submersible Copper Winding wires are also known to be environmentally friendly in nature. Besides that, they have lightweight covering and resistance against corrosion. Not to mention, copper wires that are laminated are used in the conversion of electrical energy into other forms of energy across a varied range of applications.

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