Top 4 Methods to Check The Purity of Copper Wires

For any electrical setup copper wires are crucial. They are in use for the last 2 centuries and you will be amazed to know that half of the copper production goes to electricity purposes. Copper has some amazing properties, it has high electrical conductivity and good tensile strength. It also has good ductility. Copper is used in energy generation or some electrical appliances. Electricity should always come with safety that is why the quality of copper should not be compromised. Poor electrical maintenance can cause many hazards. That is why it is crucial to check the purity of the copper wire.

When comes to maximum safety and efficiency, copper offers competency and favorable properties. Through electrolysis, copper is manufactured. Bare copper wire manufacturers use the highest grade of copper for making copper wires. More the purity and best conductivity it offers. The minor adulteration in purity can affect or hinder conductivity.

A small amount of impurity in copper can cause a large amount of hindrance. For example; 0.05% of arsenic can cause a 15% hindrance in conductivity. For this, this paramount of cables are employed to manufacture the best grade of wires. You will be amazed to know that pure copper wire offers extra thermal and electrical support. It also offers fabrication and great strength.

How do check the purity of copper?

Purity is the most important aspect of copper wires. Its direct impact on the performance of appliances. You utilize various testing ways to determine the purity of copper wire.


Always check certification for the wires before wiring. The product should be ISO certified which itself speaks volumes about the product. There can be an SGS BV certificate. Always verify any kind of validity or certificate that comes with it.

Magnetism Test

Pure copper does offer magnetic properties. When a magnetic test is done, it shows low magnetic properties. It means when you hold a magnet near pure copper, it should attract it. You can get the best quality wire from bare copper wire suppliers.

Resistance and Conductivity

At room temperature, copper has specific resistance. That is why it has the best electrical conductivity. To check resistance and conductivity, you need to compare the resistivity of the copper and the wire. If the wire shows high resistivity than copper then there is unwantedly alloyed in the copper.


It is the most reliable method. Copper has a specific density that is 8.92 grams per milliliter. After checking the density, you can compare that value with the actual density of the copper wire.

You can always be assured about the best quality Copper wires and cables by taking certain tests as mentioned above. Fold the wire to check their flexibility. Better flexibility, better copper. You can assure the insulation by checking the center of the wire. That should be proportionate and well-aligned to all corners. The more accurate the center is, the more its insulation gets. You can also peel off the outer coating to check the twists. Twisted wires have good conductivity.