25 Jul

Discover the Early Signs of Faulty Wiring

Homeowners having plus 40 year old home please pay attention! It has been reported that electric wiring in one of the major causes of residential fires. It is therefore essential to maintain the wiring system and get the wiring thoroughly checked by a licensed professional. The problem can be fixed in advance if they are identified earlier. Even those who have home older than 10 years and have upgraded with some new appliances or have added a new room must keep a check as the wirings, circuit breakers and circuit breaker boxes begin to age.

Damaged wiring may prove fatal, not only to the property but also the loved ones, so scheduling a licensed electrician if there are any warning signs. These electrical hazards give warnings beforehand, but are often neglected.. This article will help educate people regarding the various indications which a faulty wiring gives in the beginning. Look out for the following signs; these may help identifying a potential problem:

faulty wiring

Many times it is observed that the light flickers or dims frequently or there are unusual sounds like that of buzzing, humming, and sizzling or clicking, consider it as an early sign. People ignore such signs considering it as a temporary problem and expect it to stop on its own. If one notice that the circuit breaker trips more often, consider getting it checked as it might be faulty and may require an immediate replacement. The sparks and flashes from switches or electrical outlets or from anywhere in the residence proves fatal requires immediate professional assistance. If one faces such problem, first switch off the main power and call for a licensed electrician, as the curtains or anything lying near such points which are flammable will catch fire and spread it at a blink of an eye.

If there is a distinct smell of overheated wires or burnt fuses there may be a serious problem, these smell as that of a burnt plastic and can be easily identified. It is also noticed that one experience an electric shock while in touching or using appliances, outlets or switches and consider it to be normal, beware, as this might be an early sign. Anywhere in or around the house on notices a visible damaged, broken, cut insulation or exposed wires, get it covered immediately. More often people tend to ignore this problem and on noticing so rectifies it himself, without giving a thought that it might be due to wear and tear and they need to consult a professional for checking out the ageing wires. It is advisable to extend the capacity of the wiring in the home on addition of new appliances because withdrawing too much electricity beyond the capacity heats up the wiring and creates fire hazard.

If one experiences that the switch plates or outlets are hot than usual, there may be a risk of faulty device, arcing between the wires or some serious malfunctions. Never use temporary alternatives like cut segments or extension cords.