21 May

Can Industries survive without the Bare Copper Wires?

The way industries are reusing and recycling the copper wires, it is a signal that the industry would be falling short of them in some years. In view of their supreme electrical properties and wide-spread applications, the industrial world may not survive without the bare copper wires.The copper wires are used in numerous sophisticated segments. It includes aerial engineering, marine machines, underground drilling units and even solar vehicles.
The following universal properties are associated with the popularity and extravagant applications of bare copper wires.

• Ductility

Be it the bare copper wires or spun as stranded or bunched copper wires, ductility is a universal property. The ductility property of the copper wires attribute to the industries that use thin and stronger varieties. They can be drawn into super-fine structure and pipes. The physical and electrical properties remain unaffected owing to the ductility. It also ensures that the resources are not wasted and optimally used. Moreover, these wires bring out lightness of applications.

• Toughness

The stranded copper wires are used in overhead transmission grids. They are blessed with toughness to withstand extreme weather conditions and high speed winds. These wires can be drawn across long distances without caring about loss of electricity. The wires don’t snap and they can be alloyed if the otherwise occurs. The toughness of the stranded and bare copper wires find their way into the speciality tools and circuits. Toughness is an attribute of wires applicable in aerospace engineering, space shuttle designing and defence equipment manufacturing.

Overuse and inability to recycle copper wires in different forms limit the applications exponentially.If the industries fail to source enough copper to meet the demands the following sectors would be badly hurt. The following industries need to watch out their bare copper wire inventories.

– Automotive industry

Nearly 65 percent of the inventories used in automobile industries rely on bare copper wires. It uses more than 300 million tonnes of naturally available copper to fulfil the market demand. Automotive industry is also one of the most wasteful industries contributing less than 6 percent to recycling of copper wires. If the recycling of the wires is taken to double digits percentile, the automotive industry can bring down their regular demands to 120 million tonnes per year.
Use of copper wires also helps in maximizing the fuel use. The time to ignite and electronic fuel system is 50 percent less than the conventional ignition systems.

– Marine Engineering

Watch the nuclear submarines out of order if the copper wires go of business. The electronic units and the nuclear fuel insertion will fail or may lose their tenacity if stranded copper wires fail to make it into the inventory. So far, the use of other conductors and super-conductors has proved to be a costly affair. Other than copper, no other metal group can fulfil the demand of marine engineering.

– Household Gadgets

More than 8 percent of the appliances use copper wires in some form or the other. Even the grounding circuit have bare copper wires that ensure full shock-proof operation.