21 Aug

A Look at Top 8 Benefits of Using Copper Wires in Electric Circuits

No one can deny the fact that copper wires have played a significant role in human development. It’s been around for many years, and its use has only increased with time. It’s been extensively used in manufacturing of electrical products. In fact, it is hard to find a device in which these wires have not been used.   Apart from this, it comes up as a reliable choice for electric wiring needs of buildings. If you are planning to undertake any wiring projects in future then copper wires are surely going to be in your plan. Let us take a look at top 8 benefits of using copper in electric circuits.

1. These wires are resistant to heat which eradicates issues related to overloading. The property makes it an ideal choice for being used in machinery with heavy electrical circuits.

2. The wires made from copper are resistant to corrosion. Although at times, there might appear some patina due to oxidation, it will not have any effect on its functionality.

3. Copper being a ductile metal, can be easily used for producing wires of any thickness. Even wires that are thinner than the strands of hair can be formed with it. Another remarkable quality about the wires is that they can be easily twisted or bent according to the need, without being bothered about breakage. These qualities make it extremely versatile. It is the reason that you will see thick copper wires used in electrical cables while thinner wires are being used in headphones.

4. Safety is another remarkable strength of copper wires. It doesn’t melt easily, making it safe. In case of an electrical surge, fluctuation, or overload the wires will not melt away. It reduces the probability of fire break. This feature gives it an edge over other wires present in the market.

5. Most of the wires tend to get loose over a period of time, hence it is important to check and fix them on regular basis. Not doing it may result in dare consequences or accidents.   Here, wires made from copper comes up as a big relief as it doesn’t get loose, giving you complete peace of mind.

6. The copper wires are easy to recycle; it is a major advantage as everybody is very much concerned about saving the environment. All products that are manufactured using copper or have the metal in them can be recycled by re-smelting. It makes it a reusable, renewable, and economically viable resource.

7. Although, there are lots of metals out there copper beats them to hand down when it comes to choosing the best electric conductor. It comes up as the best conductor of electricity. It gives more power compared to other options available in the market. It gets the job done more effectively and efficiently.

8. The electricians and wiremen prefer working with copper wiring as it is easy to work around it. They can easily strip it, reuse it, pull it through narrow spots without being bothered about oxides formed on the surface of the metal. It is the reason they come up as a top choice for commercial and residential projects.